McLeod believes he’s done enough to earn a start

Izale McLeod
Izale McLeod

Izale McLeod hopes his two goals against Halifax in the FA Cup will put him in contention for a few more starts in League 1.

McLeod scored a spectacular first and a poacher’s goal for his brace in the 4-1 win, and believes his performances have been good enough recently to warrant a starting role.

He said: “It was my first home start of the season - even though it’s November 9, which is hard to believe.

“It’s nice to get out and play, contribute and score two goals which was nice.

“I felt like I showed the manager what I’m all about.

“I believe in my own ability. I always tell the gaffer I’ll score him goals, and I’ve proven that today.

“Cup competitions have been good to me this season, but I take my chances when I can. Hopefully I can get a few more starts in the league.

“It has been difficult, I want to be playing. But I’m at a great club, and as long as the team is doing well, I have to put my personal feelings aside.”

Although the score line looks flattering, McLeod admitted that it wasn’t the walk in the park the result appeared to be.

“They came and tried to make it difficult for us,” he said. “They worked really hard and sat back. When they had the opportunities, they tried to break.

“But we knew once we got the goal it would settle the nerves and give us the impetus to go out and get more.”

Dons take on Oldham next weekend in League 1, and McLeod knows they need to continue winning.

He said: “The FA Cup is a great distraction, but our bread and butter is the league and we have to go up there and be hard to beat.”