McLeod wants a ‘fair crack’ at a starting role

Izale McLeod
Izale McLeod

Match winner Izale McLeod said he has no regrets about allowing Ben Reeves to score the penalty he won against Walsall on Saturday, even though it could have been the chance to score a hat-trick.

McLeod had scored already before winning the spot kick just before half time, allowing Reeves to double Dons’ lead at the break.

But the striker admitted he should have scored one of the other chances he created earlier in the game.

“I’m not the penalty taker so there are no regrets,” he said. “I had a few chances in the first half which I should have score but hey ho!

We’ve been on a dodgy run recently. Playing away from home is always difficult and especially here as Walsall have been doing well in the league.

“We wanted to set our stall out, be hard to beat and we did our job really well. It’s a bonus to get two goals but I’m happy to get three points.”

And there were no doubts in his mind as to whether it was a penalty.

“As I’ve touched it, it has taken it away from him as he slid in. He’ll argue that he touched it but he didn’t.”

His double at the weekend should ensure he gets a game next week against Oldham, and it is what McLeod has been waiting for all season.

He said: “I’ve always believed in my own ability, I just wanted the chance to start and I feel I’ve taken it.

“This season has been difficult for me, sitting on the sidelines and not figuring as much as I’d like.

“If I get a fair crack at it, I’ll produce and that’s all I ask.

“The way we played today, no matter who we played, we’d have run riot.”