Nicholls frustrated to be beaten by a cross

Lee Nicholls
Lee Nicholls

Bristol Rovers goal-scorer Ellis Harrison admitted to MK Dons goalkeeper Lee Nicholls his goal was meant as a cross on Saturday.

Harrison found the top corner in the 49th minute at Stadium MK for the only goal of the game, beating his former Gas team-mate by accident as he looked to pick out a Rovers shirt at the far post.

Rovers keeper Sam Slocombe made just one save against MK Dons

Rovers keeper Sam Slocombe made just one save against MK Dons

For Nicholls, it was yet another cause for frustration after he made two excellent saves in the first half but came away on the losing side as the front men once again failed to find the net.

"It was a frustrating afternoon," he admitted. "They've had one shot in the second half and I've spoken to Ellis about it and he's said it was a cross. That's just the way it's rolling for us at the moment.

"I know Ellis from when I was at Rovers a few years ago and I was close with him. At the end of the day, a goal is a goal. It's just another one of those games."

Fans cleared the pitch and surrounding stadium area on Saturday morning to ensure the game went ahead, but a lacklustre performance on the pitch ultimately ended in another defeat for Dan Micciche's side - the sixth of his eight-game spell in charge.

And with League 2 football looming ominously for Dons now, Nicholls says team unity is of the utmost importance.

He said: "We're still together, we have confidence in each other and we just have to stick together. We never point fingers, we don't blame anyone and we have to get behind each other.

"The fans did a great job for us and we tried to repay them with the win because they worked so hard for us, but we just couldn't deliver today.

"This will be a big learning curve for some players now. If we can string four or five wins together it is still possible. We all still believe it can happen. Once we win one, I think it will come. We've just got to work hard."