No rushing back despite temptation for Moore-Taylor

After playing his first half of football in nine months, Jordan Moore-Taylor says has to fight the urge to come back too soon.

Wednesday, 2nd October 2019, 1:48 am
Jordan Moore-Taylor against Fulham

The defender has been missing since January 26 when he suffered a knee injury, which would require surgery. After a lengthy period on the sidelines, Moore-Taylor says he is getting close to making a full return for Paul Tisdale's side.

But though he played the first half against Fulham, Moore-Taylor is not going to rush back.

He said: "If it was down to me, I play straight away, but there's a difference between running with the fitness coach and playing games. Positionally, my movements didn't feel the way they used to, but that's why you have pre-season. That's my first 45 minutes in nine months so I need to get the feel for it back. Hopefully, it's not far off."

On his performance against Fulham, he added: "The plan was to get through 45 minutes and see how we are. I was hoping for a little longer, but I got through it unscathed, I feel fine so onwards and upwards."