Player ratings vs Port Vale: Enthusiastic Alli can’t do it all himself

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Player ratings vs Port Vale:

David Martin - 6 - Had a decent game, but will be remembered for his role in conceding the goal.

Dean Lewington - 5 - Played a lot of loose passes, but was physically a match for the Vale attack.

Alan Smith - 5 - Didn’t look as comfortable at the back as he did last time out. Either didn’t hear his keeper’s shout, or ignored it to allow Hugill to score.

Jordan Spence - 7 - The only faultless member of the back line really.

George Baldock - 6 - Wasn’t really playing in midfield or defence, so struggled to make much of an impact at either end.

Stephen Gleeson - 4 - Didn’t look like he wanted to be on the field at all.

Dele Alli - 8 - The only player to put in tackles and make things happen going forward. But he couldn’t do it all himself.

Daniel Powell - 6 - Not a bad showing, but had his opportunities limited by some life-less football in midfield.

Matthew Kennedy - 7 - Looked exciting on the ball in the first half, but quickly went off the boil when Dons fell behind.

Sanmi Odelusi - 6 - Was barely involved until a clash with Pope saw him come off.

Izale McLeod - 6 - Put in the work, but there was no end product. Struggled to create anything.


Brendan Galloway - 6 - Came on early, but didn’t make much of an impact.

Giorgio Rasulo - 6 - Came into a midfield void of enthusiasm, and couldn’t do much to create.

Ryan Hall - 5 - His introduction was too late to make a real impact.

Top Don: Dele Alli