Players must take responsibility

Dean Lewington scores
Dean Lewington scores

While his manager took full responsibility for Tuesday night’s defeat to Bradford, Dean Lewington said the Dons players were also to blame.

Lewington scored the only goal of the game for the home side in the 2-1 loss, and took the heat off his manager.

“As players, we need to take responsibility too,” he said. “We were the ones that gave them the two goals.

“Everyone looks at themselves first and evaluate whether we can do better.

“The gaffer has come out and said what he thinks, but we’ll take it as a group.

“We know what we did wrong, maybe the manager felt his changes could’ve been better too.”

Dons slipped 2-0 behind with two quick-fire goals from Bradford, both borne from defensive mistakes.

And Lewington said the lapses make the defeat even more frustrating.

He said: “We’ve not let in goals where we’ve been ripped apart, or from good play.

“We’ve not made them do anything and that’s frustrating. They only really looked dangerous when we gifted it to them.

“At times, they played 4-6 with no-one up front. At 2-0 up though, it gives you the ability to do that.

“We always find it hard when we give teams a goal at stadium:mk.

“We’re disappointing that we gave them the opportunity to do that.

“It was pleasing to get on the scoresheet, and we thought it could be a catalyst because they were shaking a bit for five minutes afterwards. We went in at half time quite upbeat because they were starting to wobble.

“Half time probably came at the right time for them.”