Pre-season training ‘lovely’ compared to Lewie’s day

Dean Lewington said he was looking forward to pre-season training this year, because it’s much nicer than when he first began his playing career.

Thursday, 27th June 2019, 10:45 am
Dean Lewington in training

Now into his 16th pre-season campaign, Lewington said the introduction of sports science has made the first day of training after a summer break much calmer.

“It feels so different to when I first started. It used to be how long before you were going to be sick – that first day was so hard, you’d have five injuries and they’d want you to be in pain. Now we’re doing balancing tests, concussion tests, counting – lovely things!

“It’s more scientific now, but you enjoy it in a weird kind of way.

“I like to complete every session, whether you win or come last, it’s important to come through it.

“It’s important you keep going in pre-season.

“For me, it’ll be about sharpening up, losing weight, get fitter and pushing yourself so you can compete at the best level you can.”

While there has still been plenty of football to watch during the off-season, including the Women’s World Cup - see page 12 - Lewington has been keeping away from the game during his time off.

He said: “I watch less than I would in the past – family life dictates otherwise nowadays! I caught a little bit of some of the games, but not all of them. I like my cricket, golf and other things. I like to take a step away.

“I’m really enjoying the Cricket World Cup, the weather has been terrible for it! But it’s something I’ve really liked watching.

“Football is on TV 24/7 but you can get sick and tired of it! It’s nice to have a break and have a real wind-down and relax.

“In the last seven to 10 days, I know I’ve been coming back to work so I’ve picked up the training again and it’s good to be back.”