Press box perspective for McLeod on match days

Izale McLeod
Izale McLeod

Izale McLeod has been watching Dons from a different angle this season, and he is impressed with what he has seen.

Joining BBC Three Counties for commentary duties during matchdays at Stadium MK, McLeod is enjoying watching Paul Tisdale’s side.

“They have been brilliant, haven’t they!” he said. “After the disappointment of the last three seasons, it was important to get a really good, strong manager, which we have done in Paul Tisdale.

“He has clearly recruited well, and no matter what happens, if we’re one of the top three teams what get promoted, it will be a success.”

On swapping the football pitch for the press box, McLeod added: “It’s really good – it’s another string to the bow.

“You get to watch the game from a different perspective.

“And because I’m coaching and doing my badges, I look at it in a different way, looking at the tactical battles between the two sides as well.”