Robinson wants Dons players to learn their Saints lesson

HIT FOR SIX - MK Dons manager Karl Robinson
HIT FOR SIX - MK Dons manager Karl Robinson

MK Dons manager Karl Robinson said he is hoping his players learn from their Southampton counterparts after their Capital One Cup defeat.

Doubles from Jay Rodriguez, Saido Mane and Shane Long meant that the Saints avoided a banana skin in Buckinghamshire, and progressed to a fourth Round clash at home to Aston Villa.

Robinson said the team has to get up and go again despite the result, starting with Saturday’s clash against Derby.

He commented, “It’s a tremendous learning curve for me and my players. We’ve learned so many things about offensive and defensive play we’ll take. That team is worth £98million, to my two hundred grand… I don’t think Houdini could’ve got a result tonight.”

“The players are embarrassed and a little bit upset. But boxers get punched and they have to get back up and fight again, and we’re no different. Tomorrow, we’ll wake up and go again and it’s as simple as that.”

Robinson said that the expectation now is for the players to learn, and he hoped his players could improve by emulating some of their opponents

He said, “I think sometimes it’s a difficult place to be when you get beat so convincingly like tonight. Internally, there’ll be some embarrassment, but I’m not gonna come out and say we’re not going to move forward as we have to.

“We’re a very young group, and I’ve said if you can’t be a better player from tonight, don’t be at this football club. If I was an 18, 19, 20-year-old, if they can’t become a better players by watching what the player in their respective position did and learning the tricks of their trade, then they’ve got a flaw in their education.

“I’m looking forward to see if we can get better from tonight, and using some of their strengths to be some of ours in forthcoming games.”

The MK Dons manager then said one positive from the night was the debut of new signing Nicky Maynard, and said he is looks forward to seeing him play for the club.

Robinon said, “I thought Nicky coming on was a positive for us.

“He will bring goals. He’s got on the half-turn and exploded through to the defenders, and it shows he’s dynamic and wants to score goals. When we do finishing drills in training, he’s been so dynamic in his movement and he doesn’t need backlift. Those who need little backlift are the strikers you look for, and I’m excited.

“He’s going to be a really good addition.”