Spurs eye up stadium:mk


Premier League football could be coming to Milton Keynes far sooner than expected if Tottenham Hotspur have their way.

With plans to build a new stadium alongside their current White Hart Lane home, the north London club revealed that they’d be seeking a temporary home in three year’s time in 2017-18.

While taking up residence at Wembley or the Olympic Stadium have been touted, it is understood that Spurs’ preferred option is to move 49 miles north to play their football at stadium:mk.

On Wednesday, Tottenham issued a statement declaring they’d be leaving White Hart Lane for a year, and said they’d be carrying out ‘due diligence’ to find another place to play.

The statement said: “The club has revised its construction programme in order to take the shortest possible time to construct,” said the statement.

“This now therefore involves the club moving away from the Lane during construction for a period of one season.

“We are currently undertaking due diligence on alternative stadium options.”

Last month, stadium:mk was full to capacity for the visit of Manchester United - the first time both tiers had been fully open to the public.

While Dons average attendances are hovering around the 8,000 mark, Spurs would undoubtedly bring a bigger fan to fill the stadium - something Dons chairman Pete Winkelman has said would fulfil its purpose.

Speaking after the United game, Mr Winkelman said: “One of the best bits was walking out and seeing both tiers full. It looked fantastic.

“It’s what the stadium was built for.”