‘Surreal feeling’ for the third longest serving manager

Karl Robinson
Karl Robinson

Karl Robinson admits it’s a weird feeling to know he’s the third longest serving manager in English football.

Following Cheltenham Town’s decision to sack manager Mark Yates after five years in charge at Whaddon Road, Robinson is now just trailing Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger and Exeter City’s Paul Tisdale in the list of longest serving managers.

For 34-year-old Robinson, who has been in charge since May 2010, he says it’s a surreal record to hold.

“It is weird,” he admitted. “ It’s quite surreal.

“I’m also creeping up to 250 games, and we’re trying to work out whether I’m the youngest English manager to reach that.

“I just keep thinking ‘how weird is this?!’ I’m just a kid from Liverpool living the dream.

“I don’t like how I got up to this level - I don’t want a manager getting sacked for me to move up. I want a manager to climb up, that’s how I want to get there.”

In his four-and-a-half years with the club, Robinson believes he has improved not just as a manager, but also as a person.

He said: “It has been an amazing journey. It has taught me to be a better human being as well, to be a better dad, to be a better husband.

“It has taught me a lot about who I am. I’m thankful for this job because it has given me some life lessons, some leadership lessons.

“There have been some very low moments, and I’ve learned how to get over them, how to deal with anxiety, fear, ecstasy and high moments like against Manchester United - how to deal with all these emotions and how to deal with them all in the same way.

“I’m in a good place. I could have gone somewhere else, but I’ve chosen to stay. This is the club I want to be at.”