Sweeting ‘not shirking responsibility’ for Dons’ dismal season so far

The director wrote an open letter to MK Dons supporters after many voiced their discontent
MK Dons’ sporting director Liam SweetingMK Dons’ sporting director Liam Sweeting
MK Dons’ sporting director Liam Sweeting

Liam Sweeting has admitted MK Dons’ season has fallen well below standard, but reviews will not be held until the end of the season into why and who is to blame.

The Sporting Director penned an open letter to supporters on the club’s website this afternoon addressing the discontent from supporters following the 1-0 defeat to Port Vale on Saturday.

With fans citing recruitment as one of their key gripes this season - an area which he takes lead on - Sweeting said he is not ‘shirking responsibility’ for the club’s current plight as they face an increasingly tough battle against relegation to League Two this term, having missing out on automatic promotion by a point less than a year ago.

“This year, we accept it has not been good enough,” he admitted. “We have not produced consistent performances or achieved enough results.

“We hear your concerns and feel your pain, anger and frustrations as this campaign has been well below the standard we expected.

“At the end of the season there will be time for us to review and reflect, and further opportunity to improve things on and off the pitch. I am not shirking this responsibility, nor will any of our leadership team.”

Sweeting also backed boss Mark Jackson, who was parachuted in following the sacking of Liam Manning in December but as yet has been unable to get the ailing side away from the drop zone.

Sweeting added: “Right now, though, we are in a fight, and we need to fight together. We have 11 matches remaining, with 33 points to play for. We know we have to perform for you.

“We will need to show resilience, determination and quality to get us out of this position. Jacko has been unwavering in his mentality and determination to fight. He joined us in the toughest of circumstances and continues to show the character and leadership we will need until the end. “We’re asking Jacko and our players to go and fight, so let’s stick together and join them with the same mentality.”