'Sympathy for the fans' as Dons game is postponed

Rodney Parade
Rodney Parade

Paul Tisdale said he felt for the 300+ MK Dons supporters who made it to Rodney Parade before the game was postponed just prior to kick off.

Torrential rain forced a pitch inspection at 1:20pm, but a break in the weather allowed referee Nick Kinseley to allow the game to go ahead. But a second downpour at around 2:15pm left the referee with no choice but to postpone the game.

Speaking afterwards, Tisdale said he felt for everyone involved, but ten times more for the fans who made it to Wales.

He said: "As much as I feel for the players who were ready to go, I feel ten times more sympathy for the supporters who travelled across the country in this weather a week before Christmas to sit in the stands, get a bit wet and then hear the game is off. But anyone here will have to have suspected this would be the outcome. I hope they have a safe journey home.

"The pitch is becoming increasingly saturated and the rain is only getting worse. It's a real shame because we were looking forward to playing. But the referee has to be respected for making a sensible decision. We put no pressure on the referee, we urged him to make his decision. So I'll have a cup of tea and get home early. I'd say before it gets dark but it's so dark already! I'll watch the scores come in.

"I don't want to torture myself but on the other hand, I'm interested. All we've done is lost a days travel. But I'll sit in front of the fire and watch the results come in."