Tisdale calls for calm during Dons' slump

Having lost three straight games in the league, Paul Tisdale insists Dons are playing good football and could have got results in all of those games.

Thursday, 3rd October 2019, 5:08 pm
Paul Tisdale

Dons have lost by single goals to Ipswich, Southend and Sunderland recently, seeing them drop to 15th in the table after nine games played.

Though there are some murmurs of discontent among the fanbase, Tisdale says his side have played some good football in all three games and probably should have gotten more than they have.

He said: "I have to remove myself from the emotion of the last three. We haven't got a point, but we're playing pretty well at times.

"We're in October, we have a lot of players out, but we've played some really good football. And in those games we should have arguably got something out of them.

If we're talking about the last three league games, we've given it a right good go. It feels like that as well – we've put ourselves out there, we've tried hard and had some fluidity to our game.

"Sometimes we try too hard, and actually we don't want to get into that. It's about doing the right thing and relaxing."