Tisdale shares Winkelman's Championship ambition

Paul Tisdale says he is feeling no added pressure by the weight of expectation of chairman Pete Winkelman - in fact he agrees with him.

Thursday, 5th September 2019, 5:26 pm
Paul Tisdale and Pete Winkelman

Despite Dons' iffy start to the season, Tisdale says the chairman is right to expect big things because he does too.

One area Tisdale does question is the time-frame, but he does not begrudge the chairman his ambition to be back in the Championship.

The manager said: "He's right to expect certain things. And why not? How quick is a different matter. He's right to want it, he has invested too much of himself into this, and we have the platform for it. We needed to get out of League Two, and we did it. Now we're onto the next challenge."

"The club were there three or four years ago, and with what he personally invested into this project, he's bound to want that. And I have to say 95 per cent of what he wants and expects I'm aligned with, and that's a lot in football.

"The way he puts his business together with the football club makes sense to me.

Pete Winkelman celebrating promotion last season with Callum Brittain