We’ve created a monster, says Robbo

Dons celebrate
Dons celebrate

Scoring four goals against Manchester United, five against Barnsley and six against Crewe Alexandra, Karl Robinson found himself disappointed on Tuesday night as Dons beat Bradford City 2-0 in the Capital One Cup - but it wasn’t his side he was frustrated with.

Dons have been free-scoring at times this season, but Robinson knows this cannot happen every week, with teams setting up differently to prevent exactly that.

With groans of frustration coming from the crowd with Dons ‘only’ 1-0 to the good against a Bradford City side they had lost to only seven days earlier, Robinson admits his side may have created a monster.

“I’m a little bit disappointed at the moment because I think people are getting carried away,” he said. “I heard a lot of groans around me on Tuesday, even internally within the club. People expect us to beat teams 4-0, 5-0 every week. It doesn’t happen in football.

“We now feel we deserve to be up there, we’ve got this divine right - we haven’t. We’re just a good football team. We’ve got this far by keeping our feet on the floor and I want to keep their feet on the floor.

“I’m not being negative, I’m being a realist and that is what has got us success so far. I don’t want people to get carried away by thinking we’re better than we are.

“We’ll get a rude awakening on Saturday against the biggest team in the league by far. They are a good, good side.

“We’re still punching above our weight this year and doing really well. The cup competition has brought tremendous spice. It has put the club in a tremendous light.

“We have (created a monster). We are consistently competing. But we want to control it now. It’s not a bad thing, building it, but we have to tame it now.

“There will be bad times, there always are in football, but we just need to keep on doing the right things.”

And though there were grumbles of discontent among some parts, Robinson said he and his players were delighted with their performance against Bradford.

He said: “My players were ecstatic with the performance. There’s a real togetherness in there. They love playing football together. When we score, you see them all celebrating together. The players were happy, and I was just as happy with them.

“When teams have 15 minutes of possession against us, people think we’ve played badly! Bradford are a good side.”