Williamson could not keep calm during MK Dons' derby win

Mike WilliamsonMike Williamson
Mike Williamson
The MK Dons head coach was delighted with his side's performance against AFC Wimbledon as he watched from home

Head coach Mike Williamson was unable to keep a calm head while watching MK Dons' 3-1 win over AFC Wimbledon on Tuesday night.

Missing the game after suffering a family bereavement, Williamson watched the game from home as assistant Ian Watson took over in the dugout for the derby clash.

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Speaking with Watson the following day, Williamson admitted he could not sit still during the derby win - something which he can usually keep a lid on while on the side lines - but told his assistant how much the win meant.

Watson said: "I spoke to him on Wednesday, had a good 45 minute chat with him about everything, including football. He watched the game from home, and said he was more animated at home than he is - he's usually very calm on the side lines! He said he couldn't stay calm at home though. I can't sit still, I'm always animated while he's very calm - he's an unbelievable influence on me.

"He was really pleased with the boys, and thought their performance was outstanding. He loves a derby, and talks about the Newcastle-Sunderland rivalry a lot. He was really excited for the game, and it was such a shame for him to not be there. But he was delighted with the performance and the result."

The head coach could return to the dugout for Saturday's game against Gillingham, but if he does not, Watson said his approach has not and will not change depending on whether Williamson is in attendance.

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He continued: "It is something I've done before at Gateshead when Mike couldn't make it for a few games. I didn't do anything differently. On game day, I'm very much in there with Mike so nothing really changed for me. It was so easy to step up because the squad here is so good, it was seamless.

"We've got an unbelievable coaching team here, we're blessed with the team we've come into. It's a testament to the players. We told them the news on Monday, they digested it quickly and knew there was a job to do. They've helped us more than we've helped them really."