My voice has to make an impact as manager - Millen

Keith Millen will approach Dons' final three games of the season like a full-time manager rather than a caretaker boss.

Monday, 23rd April 2018, 6:00 pm
Updated Monday, 23rd April 2018, 6:06 pm
Keith Millen

Millen replaces Dan Micciche in the dugout after the latter was dismissed from the job on Sunday with Dons needing snookers to avoid relegation to League 2.

The club face a trip to Bradford City on Tuesday night knowing even a win might not be enough to save them from the drop.

While Millen knows his future may lay elsewhere come the summer, and is under no pressure to keep Dons up, he said he has to approach the final as though he is manager for the long term and wants to win the remaining three games.

"I want the job now and I've got it - that's the way I see it. I'm in charge," he said. "My contract doesn't say that but my conversation with the chairman says otherwise. I need to be seen to be doing the right things, whether that's for two weeks or two years. And who knows what might come up for me in the summer. I'm only concentrating on being the manager now and we'll see what happens in the summer.

"I told the chairman I'd take the job until the end of the season and that we'd discuss my future in the summer. That was always the plan when I came here. Whether I win the next three games or not, I was always going to have those talks. But one thing is certain now: I am the manager until the end of the season.

"I need to set out the principles of how I work, what I expect, the discipline and the environment whether I'm here for two weeks or two years. Before, I've been the caretaker but I was keeping the seat warm for someone else. That's a different scenario because you're keeping the players happy before a new man comes in. You have to set your standards from day one.

"The players are aware of how I work, and what I expect of them. However long I'm here, I'll do it the way I want to work. We need to win the next three games, I'm not going to go mad over the results because it's not in our hands but I can control the environment we work in, the level of performance.

"I want to keep us up, without a doubt. Mathematically we can do that. We have to win all three and hope results go our way, but I can't say to the lads 'we have to win tomorrow.' I can put things in place that gives us the best way of doing it, in terms of preparation and their mindset more than anything.

"Tactically, I can tweak a few things and I will do. We have a few options, and I need to be seen to be changing a few things, not just for the sake of it but for the sake of winning the game. There are things I can change, but the main thing is my voice as manager, and that has to have an impact on the group."