New name, and a flat new pitch

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After more than 90 years of humps and bumps, the notorious Wavendon Recreation Ground was reopened on Sunday.

The reopening follows the major levelling and reseeding project carried out by Frosts Garden Centres which was jointly funded by WREN (Waste Recycling Environmental Limited), a not-for-profit business which awards grants from funds donated from FCC Environment to the Landfill Communities Fund as well as Woburn Lions Football Club whose youth football teams have been playing their games on the Wavendon field for a number of years.

Coinciding with the reopening, Woburn Lions formally announced they will be changing their name to Woburn and Wavendon FC alongside the unveiling of a new badge logo and the opening of a World Cup theme tournament for Under 7s, 8s and 9s.

Ian Doggett, club chairman said: “The name of ‘The Lions’ will be retained for the boys’ and men’s teams, and ‘The Lionesses’ for the girls’ and women’s teams.

“This will mean we are now able to promote ourselves under a single brand name, whilst retaining the individuality and strengths of being ‘a lion or a lioness.’

“The reasoning behind the name change was to take into account the evolving nature of population in this area, in particular the locations from which we now draw our players, families and supporters, as well as the facilities we use.

“Around 50 per cent of our teams are now playing in the Wavendon and Wavendon Gate area.

“The continued support and backing for youth football - past, present and future - from Woburn Village Hall, Woburn Parish Council and Wavendon Parish Council, make our re-branding extremely logical.

“Like all successful organisations, our club has to be aware of changes around us and adapt accordingly.

“That does not mean our core principles should be compromised, nor does it mean that our historic values and links should be forgotten.

“Our cub enjoys an incredible reputation for sportsmanship, organisation and professionalism whilst ensuring that our players fulfil their true potential whilst having fun.

“This evolution will help enable us to build further on these foundations.”