No easing of Covid protocols for Dons before the season is over

"The players have taken incredible reasonability to stick to the rules and protect themselves"

Monday, 12th April 2021, 12:38 pm
Coronavirus instructions at Stadium MK

As the country edges towards the end of the pandemic today and life begins to feel a bit more normal again, Dons will not be easing any of their Covid protocols before the season is over.

Players and staff are tested twice a week, change in separate dressing rooms, have meetings in smaller groups and travel to games in two different coaches amongst other measures to prevent any outbreak of coronavirus at Stadium MK. And thus far, they have managed to avoid any major situations with regards to the virus - Luke Williams, Dean Thornton and former defender George Williams were all made to self-isolate after potentially coming in contact with the virus, but there have been no positive tests at the club.

While some social restrictions are easing and more businesses are opening their doors again as of today, Martin said the protocols for his players will remain in place until the end of the season, but he hopes to have far fewer limitations on them by the time they return for pre-season training.

"I don’t think we’ll change," he said. "The players have taken incredible reasonability to stick to the rules and protect themselves.

"I’ve got to give a huge amount of credit to Simon Crampton for the amount of hours he’s spent on the protocols and make sure we’ve gone the extra mile to keep everyone safe here. All the guys down here including Andy Cullen have been incredible and everyone has stuck to it. The staff have had to be strict and tight and it’s been professional from everyone involved.

"We are still tested twice a week. It’s really nice to see the world slowly come back to life. It’ll be really nice to a lot of people and make a difference to the atmosphere around the stadium. It’s like a ghost town and isn’t much life here, to have it slowly coming back will make a difference.

"It won't change our day-to-day plans as we’re still under the guidelines until the end of the season. Hopefully, next season the lads can spend more time with each other. We’re really grateful we’ve been able to continue."