OPINION: I’m prepared for World Cup fever


Being that I spend pretty much every weekend travelling up and down the motorway to report on football, you’d think I’d be looking forward to a bit of change over the summer - and to be honest, so did I.

Football can take it’s toll on you. By the end of the season, pretty much everyone in the media scrum was looking forward to the end of term and a Saturday off, maybe in a beer garden somewhere, enjoying a quiet afternoon.

And to be honest, that feeling hadn’t worn off until Thursday this week. But I think it’ll hit high gear come Saturday, not just for me, but for the whole country. I’m ready for football to dictate my life again.

The thing I love most about English World Cup spirit is ironically something I hate most about England internationals - it’s a bit of a tourist attraction.

I can’t stand England matches normally. The sound of the child-filled crowd, the lackluster chants, that band... But come World Cup time, that’s what football is all about. Well, except the band.

The country grinds to a halt for four hours. Bars and living rooms are packed to the rafters, supermarkets are silent - it’s exactly how a post-apocylyptic England would be, only with more beer and crisps.

No-one is immune to World Cup fever. It has become taboo to celebrate England and Englishness, with politics once again rearing it’s ugly head into something as simple as being proud of where you’re from.

But tonight at 11pm, all that goes out the window. It won’t matter who you’re stood next to, what skin colour they’ve got, who they pray to, who they support from August to May or what they do from 9 to 5 - everyone will be exactly the same. We’ll all want that team in white, the team representing us and our dreams no matter how far-fetched, to give us that moment of hope.

Let us wake up on Sunday morning with a smile, knowing the rest of the country is doing exactly the same thing - remembering a brilliant night, crowded around a TV jumping for joy with friends and complete strangers and not caring, but in the back of your mind thinking maybe... just maybe...