Playing like it’s a walk on the pitch


If you’ve been near Woughton Leisure Centre on a Thursday night, you may have been mistaken for thinking the group of footballers were playing in slow motion.

In fact, they’re playing the latest version of the game to sweep the nation - walking football.



The game is played without goalkeepers, the ball can’t go above hip-height and as the name suggests, it’s played at walking pace.

The MK Mad Walkers are the first team in town to actively play walking football, and are having a lot of success.

The club was established in January, following after Make a Difference began sessions in October 2014.

From just two regular players, the team now boasts more than 20 members and more are joining every week.

And despite being barely a couple of months old, the Mad Walkers already have some silverware to their name.

Competing in the first Berks & Bucks FA walking football tournament at the end of February, the Mad Walkers entered a team in the open category and in the over 50s section. And after beating all comers, the over 50s came out victorious.

Walking football was primarily intended for players over 50, but it has proven to be popular among all ages and genders.

Regular player Janine Varlow said: “Although we primarily aim at over 50’s, we do not discriminate against age, gender or ability.

“I myself play with my dad. He had a stroke over a year ago, and i had a baby five months ago so its perfect for us both!

“Walking football is a slower version of the beautiful game.”

If you’re interested in walking football, visit or email