Robbo feels he was right to stay in summer

Karl RobinsonKarl Robinson
Karl Robinson
He admits he's there to be shot at, but manager Karl Robinson feels he's still the right man for MK Dons.

The discord among fans with Dons’ current form is becoming more vocal, especially after 11 games without a win at Stadium MK.

After suffering relegation from the Championship last season, Robinson had chances to leave but opted to stay, and while some quarters are urging him to go, he feel’s he’s still the right man for Dons.

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He said: “People were saying I should have gone before, when I had the chance and when I get the next chance, but I don’t believe it was right for me to do that.

“I believe I’ve made the right decision for my career and for this club.

“I’ve no shame in what I’m doing. I’m very stubborn, I stick to my beliefs. We just cannot put our fingers on what is wrong.”

With regards to the boos, Robinson added: “I think they’re borne from frustration and hurt. They love this club.

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“And it hurts me too, obviously. I read Coleen Rooney say ‘we’re not plastic’ and she’s right.

“We’re human beings and we get hurt by that.

“I can’t speak for the fans, but I’m holding on to the fact that it was frustration. I can’t comment on whether it was aimed at me because I don’t know what they are thinking.

“But the players are playing for me, the club means a lot to me.”

And though some fans want him out, Robinson says he has the backing of chairman Pete Winkelman to turn things around.

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Robinson added: “The chairman has been brilliant. He just wants us to keep playing well and feels the results will come.

“We’re all results driven, but they’re borne out of a good work ethic and structure.

“We’ll just keep doing the right things.”