Squad depth is beginning to come good for Tisdale

A lot of Dons' squad members have played themselves into contention for a league start after an impressive 3-0 win over Charlton Athletic on Tuesday night.

Tuesday, 14th August 2018, 11:55 pm
Updated Sunday, 2nd September 2018, 10:06 pm
Ryan Waton, Dylan Asonganyi and Ouss Cisse have all found the net this week

Mitch Hancox, Ryan Watson, Dylan Asonganyi and Ouss Cisse all played 90 minutes for the team this season and are in place to give Tisdale a selection headache when it comes to taking on Crewe Alexandra on Saturday.

"It's part of energising and building the team, it's not just about 11 players and we have to get through the first month with as many players fit for purpose," said Tisdale after the game.

"We've got a lot to prove and there are players coming into the side for the first time with something to gain by playing well. We've got some work to do in developing the team, and today was a really important part of that.

"I'm really pleased, it takes us to another win. Whatever Charlton chose to do today, which was their prerogative, but we still had to go out and win the game and commit to it."

With goals coming from Cisse, Asonganyi and Watson in the last two games, Tisdale has plenty of options to choose from, and he has been impressed with the trio in the last three days.

He continued: "It was great for Dylan to score his first goal. We know he;s a goal-scorer. He has a lot to learn in other parts of his game, but we know he can score. It's a shame he didn't get another.

"I thought Ryan Watson's goal was excellent. He grew after that, and you could see the strengths he has as a player. But I was pleased with everyone.

"Ouss was excellent. It was confidence, and there was an element of vitality to his game. I had to slow him down in the first time and tell him less is more. Sometimes you can stand still and have an impact. He was so enthusiastic about it. I was really pleased because when you ask someone to do what they're not used to, he was a great compliment to the team today."