Thornton hopes play-off talks puts others off their stride

Eight points separate ELEVEN teams in the fight for a spot in the top six

Friday, 2nd April 2021, 12:57 pm
Updated Friday, 2nd April 2021, 12:58 pm
Dean Thornton

Dean Thornton wants the teams around MK Dons to harbour hopes of a play-off spot in the latter stage of the season, hoping it may distract them in the run-in.

Dons have eight games remaining and currently sit 12th, just four points away from a top-six position after Gillingham's midweek win over Wigan lifted them into the final play-off spot.

Both Gillingham and Portsmouth in fifth have 58 points, but Fleetwood in 15th are just eight points adrift meaning a spot in the top six is still on offer to most of the division.

Talk of the play-offs though remains off the agenda for Dons, who remain steadfast in their 'game-by-game' approach, and they hope other clubs begin to take their eye off the ball by harbouring ambitions for a big finish.

"We've not mentioned them," said coach Thornton. "There are eight games to go and 24 points to play for. I think if you mention them too early, you can lose focus on the next game. Crewe is our next game and the most important game.

"If we're in the mix with three games to go, we have to talk about it. But there are so many points available, and there are a lot of teams who could be talking about it. And I really hope they are, because if they take their eye off the ball, we'll step in.

"It's game-by-game here. We're on a great run, and I'm not surprised by it. Let's see where we are after four games, and if we do well, I might be having a different chat!"