Unassuming Welshman Walsh continues to impress manager Martin

He is one of Dons’ most decorated players, with two promotions, coming up on five years of service and over 120 appearances for the club - but Joe Walsh tends to fly under the radar.

Wednesday, 18th December 2019, 11:11 am
Updated Wednesday, 18th December 2019, 11:11 am
Joe Walsh

The Welshman is not one of the loudest voices in the changing room, but has been in excellent form of late, finding his feet under Russell Martin’s new regime and has helped his side to two clean sheets in the last three games.

But there are not many Walsh shirts seen in the crowd, and he still doesn’t have a crowd song, despite approaching his five-year anniversary at the club.

“I think when someone’s been at a club a long time, they you get almost taken for granted that the level of performance that you give is just that’s you know, that’s Walshy,” said Martin.

“He’s a better player than he thinks. He has been magnificent in last three or four games.

“He’s not the loudest Joe he’s a really quiet fellow but it’s just that he leads by example.

“I loved playing next to his last season. When you’re up against it, you can look at him and know he’s going to stand up against whatever they other team throws at them. He’s a warrior.

“I think the fans appreciate what they’ve got as well but I do think sometimes, when he’s played the way he’s playing, people just think that’s what Joe Walsh does.”