Lionesses hero Williamson will be an inspiration for thousands of footballers in MK

The Lionesses captain will be a role model and hero to many youngsters in the new city

England’s heroic captain Leah Williamson will be an inspiration to millions of youngsters, not least those wanting to play football from Milton Keynes.

The 25-year-old lifted the trophy on Sunday at Wembley in front of an audience of more than 17 million in the country who tuned in to watch the final.

Closer to home, Williamson’s exploits will inspire the next generation of talent from her home town to begin their own footballing careers.

MK Dons Women’s Head of Football and Performance Jack Sharp said Williamson’s legacy in the city will be that of inspiration.

“When you hear about a player doing things, you never really associate it with being from around here,” he said. “I think the biggest thing that comes from that is the inspiration for young players.

“If you're a young female footballer, you'll be so inspired by what you saw, and to find out the player who picked up the trophy in front of 35 million people watching is your neighbour, that's amazing, it becomes achievable.

“These girls don't have to compromise, they can become a football and take on the world. They can dream of being a player, a coach, a referee. Where the game is going is fantastic.”