Winkelman has Championship aspirations this season

EFL Championship
EFL Championship

Pete Winkelman will not be happy with anything other than promotion this season, but even he admits that may be a stretch too far.

Dons have lost three of their opening five games on their return to League One, and sit 15th in the table.

Despite two abject performances against Peterborough and Accrington, the chairman still has lofty ambitions for the season.

“I want to be promoted into the Championship, and I won’t be happy if we’re not but I have to accept it’s a big ask,” he told the Citizen.

“The standard is constantly getting higher. We’ve been away for a year, we’ve got to find our feet, work out our team, whether that’s right.

“It will be a season where anyone can beat anyone, so it will be an open league. Some teams will find their way to the top, but everything is to play for.

“I think it has been up and down. We’ve had a couple of good results, but also dropped points that were absolutely gettable.

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“We haven’t found our feet yet, but it’s natural as Paul works to find his best team. I expect us to get better as the season goes on.

“Play-offs I think we’ll have done OK. Midtable... I won’t knock it but I’d be disappointed because we’d have spent too much money just to be midtable. That will always be my position.”