Youth football results: September 18

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A FULL list of results from the last week of the MIlton Keynes & Border Counties Youth Football League.

Tuesday, September 13: U12-DivB MK Wanderers 1-6 Great Linford Dodgers; U12-DivC Newport Pagnell Town Tigers 0-7 Willen FC Eagles; U12-DivD Scot Youth Spartans 4-1 Roman Rangers; U12-DivF Willen FC Saints 1-11 City Colts; U12-DivG Wolverton Tigermoths 5-4 Great Linford Mustangs.

Thursday, September 15: U12-DivE Scot Youth Centurions 5-3 Stony Stratford Town; U18-DivG Southcott Youth 0-3 Bromham Youth B.

Sunday, September 18: U12-DivA Newport Pagnell Town Lions 1-11 Moretonville Junior; DivB Brackley Town 4-2 MK Wanderers; U12-DivC Tattenhoe FC A 6-1 Newport Pagnell Town Tigers; U12-DivD Brookfield Rangers 1-18 Scot Youth Spartans; U12-DivD Roman Rangers 5-4 Southside United Rockets; U12-DivE Stony Stratford Town 7-3 Steeple Claydon; U12-DivE Tattenhoe FC Reds 9-1 Scot Youth Centurions; U12-DivF Milton Keynes City 2-9 City Colts; U12-DivF Willen FC Saints 1-6 Olney Town Colts; U12-DivG Great Linford Mustangs 5-2 Waterhall Stars; U12-DivG Two Mile Ash 1-5 Wolverton Tigermoths.

U13-Div1 Brackley Town 0-7 Milton Keynes City; U13-Div1 City Colts Cobras 2-4 MK Wanderers Hawks; U13-Div1 Preston Gawcott Pumas 0-5 Woburn Lions Whirlwinds; U13-Div1 Willen FC 2-0 Roman Rangers Yellow; U13-Div2 Brook End Colts 6-2 Great Linford Harriers; U13-Div2 Deanshanger Colts 6-3 Roman Rangers Blue; U13-Div2 Great Linford Eagles 1-3 MK Wanderers Kestrels; U13-Div2 Heelands Rangers 2-5 Oakley Rangers Hawks; U13-Div2 Newport Pagnell Town Lions 3-6 Silverstone Racers; U13-Div3 AFC Brickhill Rangers 8-5 Newport Pagnell Town Tigers; U13-Div3 Moretonville Wanderers 4-1 Preston Gawcott Tigers; U13-Div3 Oakley Rangers Eagles 3-0 United MK; U13-Div3 Roman Rangers Green 4-3 Water Eaton Youth White; U13-Div3 Water Eaton Youth Blue 2-2 Olney Town Colts.

U14-Div1 Newport Pagnell Town Lions 1-1 Milton Keynes City Tigers; U14-Div1 Wolverton Tigermoths White 6-5 Milton Keynes City Lions; U14-Div2 Bromham Youth 3-2 Halse United; U14-Div2 City Colts 3-1 Stony Stratford Town; U14-Div2 Cranfield Colts 2-3 Newton Longville Blue; U14-Div2 Wolverton Tigermoths Blue 1-4 Willen FC Panthers; U14-Div3 Brook End Colts Jaguars 2-3 Newton Longville Red; U14-Div3 Newton Longville Yellow 0-3 Woodside FC; U14-Div4 Great Horwood 3-3 Moretonville Rangers; U14-Div4 Newport Pagnell Youth 2-3 Wicken Rangers; U14-Div4 Water Eaton Youth 1-9 Brook End Colts Irons; U14-Div4 Willen FC Pumas 5-2 Heelands Rangers.

U15-Div1 Newport Pagnell Town 0-1 Willen FC; U15-Div1 Woodside FC 1-3 Brookfield Rangers; U15-Div1 Wootton Rangers 1-0 MK Athletic; U15-Div2 Deanshanger Colts 8-1 Olney Town Colts; U15-Div2 Pitstone & Ivinghoe 1-2 Bletchley Shamrocks; U15-Div3 Great Horwood 4-0 New City Saints; U15-Div3 Hanslope Hornets 4-13 Preston Gawcott Pumas; U15-Div3 Steeple Claydon 2-4 Heelands Rangers.

U16-Div1 Bromham Youth 7-0 Woburn Lions; U16-Div1 United MK 1-2 Syresham Youth; U16-Div2 Brookfield Rangers Hawks 0-3 Moretonville Junior; U16-Div2 Heelands Rangers 0-4 Pitstone & Ivinghoe; U16-Div2 Tattenhoe FC A 6-4 Winslow United; U16-Div2 Willen FC United 4-3 Southside United; U16-Div2 Wolverton Tigermoths 1-0 MK Harriers; U16-Div3 Brackley Athletic 1-4 Old Stratford; U16-Div3 Willen FC Ravens 6-1 Woodside Wanderers; U16-Div3 Wing Raiders 8-1 Brookfield Rangers Eagles.

U18-DivA Bedford Park Rangers 1-7 Olney Town Colts; U18-DivA Waterhall Stars A 19-0 City Colts B; U18-DivB Brackley Town 7-2 Leighton Corinthians Tigers; U18-DivC Leighton Corinthians Eagles 2-7 Brackley Athletic; U18-DivC Waterhall Stars B 0-4 Milton Keynes City Pumas; U18-DivD MK Wanderers 2-1 Real Aylesbury; U18-DivD Newton Longville 3-3 Willen FC; U18-DivE Newport Pagnell Youth 0-2 Newport Pagnell Town; U18-DivE Winslow United A 8-1 Wing Raiders; U18-DivF Bromham Youth A 2-2 Leighton Town B; U18-DivF City Colts A 3-0 Winslow United B.