Forgetful Bagley turns up late but still wins inaugural festival

It was another first for Furzton this weekend as the venue hosted the inaugural two-day Tackle Hub feeder festival.

Wednesday, 11th July 2018, 5:11 pm
Updated Tuesday, 17th July 2018, 6:54 pm
TACKLE Hub feeder fest winner Dave Bagley (left) collecting from Neil Richardson

And despite the oh-so-boiling-hot conditions, the water produced some creditable catches with two overall totals topping 40lb and the top pair separated by just a pound-and-a-half.

Bream dominated, with Dave Bagley getting 20.080 kilo – and collecting almost £700 – as Terry David had 19.300 and Ben Bell 14.760 with Pete Patton creeping into the top four on 12.600.

But roach also played a part – with some abandoning the bream-line and fishing their feeders 'short' to get close to 20lb bags of redfins as they put in top-class performances.

CALDECOTTE 10 lb slab for Chris Strong

Bagley's win was not without drama as, arriving on the bank for the second day, he discovered he'd left his rods at home – which meant the match was already underway by the time he got back after fetching them...from Luton!

Principal organiser Neil Richardson said: "It was a great success from our point of view. We had 30 of the best feeder anglers in and around MK taking part, and hopefully it was just the first of many such events."

HIS latest stint on Caldecotte may not have produced the 40lb+ carp Chris Strong was hoping for...but he DID get a superb 10lb bream!

THANKFULLY the lethal-cocktail drifting down the Upper Ouse last week seemed to lose its punch somewhere in the Thornton area – but not before it had killed thousands of fish and their insect food supply chain over the 14 miles back upstream to Brackley.

Continuing EA tests have not shown any adverse effects below Passenham. Scientists are still working to identify the killer and prove its source. If and when they do the results won't be publicised any time soon, as to do so might prejudice potential court action against any possible culprits.

OSPREY, Pidley: Ian Millin 135lb, Mark Quick 133lb, Carol Chamberlain 90-10.

TOWCESTER/Nene, Bishops Bowl: Dave Gibbins 100-12, Kevin Elliott 66lb, Gerald Green 53-12.

CALVERT, Hill Cottage: Ben Holdaway 86lb, John Weatherall 34-3, Tony Richardson 29-2.

TOWCESTER Vets, Bishops Bowl: Les Ramsden 52-10, Paul Ramsden 42lb, John Balhatchett 39-6, Simon Jackson 35lb.

NEWPORT, Sherington Bridge Ouse: Kevin Osborne 15-14 (silvers), Myles Philips 9-14, Steve Wright 9-7.

LINFORD, 'Morgan canal stretch: Charlie Lancaster 4-11, Mick Hefferon 1-6, Pete Whatley 0-13.

FIXTURES: Saturday, Olney Ouse Fiesta match, 01234 240061; July 22, Furzton open in aid of Nadine's Fusion Fund, 07970 047506; July 29, Newport open Abbeys Pits 07795 068428.