Fortune favours angler Pete

Amazing how Lady Luck just seems to follow some people around...especially when they are city matchman Pete Patton!

Wednesday, 2nd August 2017, 5:00 pm
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 1:04 pm
Martin Tilley with 17lb Furzton 'exotic'

Always in the frame or thereabouts on the bank, good fortune seemed for once to have deserted him (and the rest of Maver MK) when they blew right out in a feedermasters' league round up north, Sunday.

But – travelling back with buddy Michael Buchwalder (who also blew out on the bank along with his squad) Pete put a tenner in a motorway services fruit machine...and promptly collected more than 400 quid!

"Well pleased, it was more than I would have got if I'd won the match," he said – though the REALLY lucky one was Mike, as the pair had staked a tenner each on the machines AFTER agreeing to split any winnings.

CHANGING swims after a blank night on Newport's Big Pit turned out to be a good move for James Scobbie as he caught six carp from just doubles to 22lb, along with five bream – four of them doubles to 12-2. Tim Stynes had his first carp from the venue, at 18-10.

ON FURZTON Aaron Cahill netted a 17lb ghostie while Michal Majcher had four carp to high doubles, and Fraser Dunford 10 carp.

SILVERS ruled Saturday's Lodge Lake individual league round as Kevin Osborne won with two bream and enough roach for 15-6. Alan ford had a 14-9 bream and roach net with Terry Davis on 4-15. Paul Hamilton leads.

DACE were key despite the Sherington Bridge Ouse being up two-feet and rising another 12 inches during Saturday's Newport open. Paul Chapman won with 14-12 as Kevin Osborne had 9-9 and Pete Hawley 9-6.

ALDERS midweek open: Graham West 251lb, Trevor Price 250-5, Charlie Lancaster 250lb.

OSPREY, Lakeside: Ed Blane 114lb, Chris Lovelock 102lb, Tony Kay 90lb.

MK Vets, Brackley lake: Bob Gale 23-4, Dave Ridgeway 17-3, Mick Wilson 16-8.

CALVERT, Claydon Lake: Dave Lewis 19-12, Ben Holdaway 13-3, John Weatherall 10-13.

KINGFISHER, Tear Drops 2 & 4: another win for Neil Richardson, 22-12, Craig Knight 16lb, Austin Maddock 13-10.

LINFORD, 'Wilderness' canal: Paul Hancock 7-14, Roy Hefferon 6-1, John Hough 5-6.

OLNEY, juniors (Minney Cup), Ouse: Pippa Brown 3-1, Alex Bull 1-10, Dillan Bull 1-9.

FIXTURES: Sunday, Furzton A, B & C closed for summer league; Tues, Olney Ouse open 01234 240061.