Gary makes best of floods

With floodwater ruining sport on so many waters, Gary Maton headed for a favourite '˜banker' tench swim...and bagged up with a '˜ton-up' tench and bream catch!

Friday, 24th June 2016, 9:12 am
Updated Thursday, 25th August 2016, 7:41 pm
Gary Maton

Enduring a series of cloudbursts he sat it out to net 12 tincas to 8lb and a dozen good slabs – all on feeder from a Linford syndicate lake.

He’d started out floatfishing but the heavens’ opening had forced him to go under his brolly which made his long float-rod difficult to manoeuvre and led to several lost fish. A tip rod presented no such problems, and he ended up soaked but happy.

FISHING a murky Ouzel Andy Bird had four carp and six good chub – making him a happy man. Downstream on Olney’s Ouse the river season’s start saw several good river tench caught, topped by Damon Flynn’s 6-8.

Newport’s Sunday Ouse match was cancelled due to rising levels, but the previous evening Olney’s lack-lustre match had fallen to Ron Bull with 5-0-8. Pete Hawley had 1-6-8 and Steve Bull 0-15.

OPENING day on Towcester’s Astwell Mill saw Mike Sando net a 2lb roach!

THREE newly-opened ‘bandstand’ swims on Willen have been doing the business with some really good fish caught despite abundant weed in that area.

Like many local waters, Furzton has been ‘moody’ of late, but that hasn’t stopped carp to the 20 mark being caught. On Bradwell Lake ‘MK Piker’ has been catching perch of 2lb+.

OSPREY, Lakeside: Ed Blane 171lb, Hayden Edwins 150lb, Chris Lovelock 134lb.

TOVE Valley, Lakeside: Tim Jolley 102-6, Darren Pannell 68-15, Andy Jones 58-10.

TOWCESTER, Clattercotte: Mick Goodridge 33-8, Paul Ramsden 28-4, John Broughton 19-12.

TORRENTIAL rain made heavy going of DATS Furzton midweeker. Phil Bardell had 20-6-8 –small carp and roach – Paul Chapman 18-11 and John Hewison 8-11-8.

FOLLOWING DATS’ results Kingfisher were hoping for more of the same...but perch featured strongly rather than the recently stocked carp. Mick Harnett 20-11, Steve Chilton 17-2, Neil Richardson 13-4.

MK Vets, Linford lakes: Roger Tebbutt 11-8, Ernie Sattler 10-6, Bob Gale 7-11.

LINFORD, Bolbeck Park canal: Pete Whatley 5-10, John Hough 5-8, Ron Dorrill 4-8.

CALVERT, Claydon Lake: Tony Richardson 5-5, Les Smith 2-13, Dave Lewis 2-8.

FIXTURES: Tuesday, Olney river open 01234 240061; July 17, charity open Furzton, 07970 047506; September 24, national canal pairs at Simpson, 0115 9061301 or

CLOSURES: tomorrow to August 26, towpath closed from the Galleon to bridge 68 for council works; first peg on the ropes, Willen south, Monday to July 4 and July 7 to 19.