Dons give footgolf a go

Ian McLoughlin, Dean Bowditch and Stephen Gleeson
Ian McLoughlin, Dean Bowditch and Stephen Gleeson

Dean Bowditch and Ian McLoughlin were joined by former team-mate Stephen Gleeson to try their hands - or rather their feet - at Abbey Hill’s latest attraction.

The trio negotiated the footgolf short course, featuring holes from 92 to 145 yards long, in as few kicks of a size-five football as possible.

Andrew Scholey, Abbey Hill Golf Centre General Manager, said: “Footballers often make excellent golfers, but FootGolf is the ideal cross-breed of both sports.

“They all thought the layout was great and we look forward to welcoming each of them, and the rest of their teammates back soon.”

Gareth May, Head of UK development for the sport’s National Governing Body, the UK FootGolf Association, said: “Abbey Hill Golf Centre has shown impressive dedication to the sport and is the first to have FootGolf holes on the actual greens of its course. The eighth hole there could be the hardest in UK FootGolf history.”

Andrew added: “Thanks to the excellent support from our greenkeeping staff, we are able to include both golf and FootGolf holes on the Short Course’s greens, so there is no disruption to customers who already enjoy the layout in a more traditional way.”

See our video of footgolf: