Woburn becomes GEO Certified

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The world-famous Woburn Golf Club has been GEO Certified - the international mark of sustainability in golf.

The accolade was awarded to the club after they demonstrated they had met or exceeded environmental and social standards set for golf in the areas of nature, water, energy, supply chain, pollution prevention and community.

The GEO Certified kitemark is the golf industry’s international eco label and a trusted symbol of great golf environments worldwide.

Talking about the club’s GEO Certification, Jason O’Malley, General Manager at Woburn Golf Club, said: “We are extremely proud to have been awarded this accolade.

“Our Sustainability Working Group has worked tirelessly to protect our environment, our heritage, and reduce our resource footprint – ultimately to preserve the enjoyment of the game of golf for future generations – and should be congratulated for their dedication.

“As such, it is fantastic that Woburn Golf Club has received this highly respected accreditation.”

GEO Director of Programmes, Kelli Jerome, added: “Woburn Golf Club is an excellent example of the many ways golf can bring value to nature and people.

“As a way to represent their strong story of environmental and sustainability performance, the club completed the online OnCourse programme in only a few weeks and we were very pleased to award the GEO Certified mark as a public symbol of their positive impact and ongoing dedication.”

Woburn will once again play host to the Senior Masters in 2014, with the tournament taking place from August 29-31.