Arabian are Hawaii-bound

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Six girls from Arabian Gymnastics are jetting to the other side of the world this week to complete in two competitions in Hawaii.

But far from a holiday, Hannah Bond, Kyla Howton, Anna Coaton, Natalia, Dagmara Koziolek and Alysha will come up against some of the best gymnasts in the world.

The girls have spent a long time adapting their UK routines to meet the different requirements of the two events.

The girls are the first British gymnasts to ever compete in two internationals in Hawaii so history is in the making as the girls aged from 11 to 19 prepare to do battle.

Head coach Alan Armitage said: “ The destination speaks for itself, the gymnasts will have wonderful experience that is for sure.

“But what they are attempting to do is beat the Americans and Hawaiians in their own back yard which is not easy.

“To put into the mix the other countries who are also attempting to do the same.

“Our gymnasts train 9 to 12 hours maximum yet their opposition will be 18 to 27 hours a week so the odds are stacked against us. But I believe they have a chance despite we are the furthest travelling team.

“In between events the girls will be working out at two venues but will get time to condition on the beautiful beaches.

“The gymnasts schools and Bletchley College have been supportive of the girls as they travel during term time.”

Their leotards were funded by The Engineering Quest.