Arabian girls put on an impressive performance

Ruby Raynor (DE Photo)
Ruby Raynor (DE Photo)

Arabian gymnasts travelled 75 miles to Spalding to take part in the Harding National Gymnastics Invitation last week.

Ruby Raynor was inch perfect on the balance beam as she was first up in her age group on beam so she set a target for others to chase that all failed to reach giving her gold medal in a stunning routine that had pose and acrobatics nailed with great precision.

The nine-year-old went on to claim two more medals with a well deserved Bronze for her floor routine and also her superb somersaulting vault.

She narrowly missed out on bars coming fourth but nevertheless a great day to come home with three medals. Overall she came second.

Elise Grayson (7) was the other medal winner taking a deserved silver on beam and had she not slipped then the 6-year-old would likely of taken the gold alongside Ruby. Overall she came sixth.

Elise is not your everyday gymnast as she was diagnosed with Russell-Silver Syndrome at just 10 months old which is an rare part of primordial dwarfism.

This is going to have a huge effect on her life, main characteristics being, small in stature, slow growth and weight gain, small features mainly hands and arm length, low muscle tome, balance issues, curved fingers, no hunger gene which causes her difficulty in putting on weight and muscle tone.

Nevertheless the head coach despite her arguably impaired disadvantage entered her up against the gymnasts from other clubs and she stole the show with her wonderful beam routine.

She came a credible sixth on floor seventh on vault and 11th on bars and a wonderful silver on beam.

Lucy Walsh (6) was the youngest Arabian gymnast and she performed her first ever floor routine and in her first ever four-piece competition and did very well but on the day she was against gymnasts who train twice as many hours as her, so it was never going to be easy.

But a strong performance on the beam was a great show and next time out the coaches think she will be an even greater force.

Lucy came 10th on floor, a great sixth place on vault, ninth on bars and eighth on beam. Overall she came ninth.

The last youngster was Emelia Agafonova (7) who also shone and did like Lucy and Elise a first ever 4 piece event with new floor.

The little one however was suffering from illness but still managed to see out the day with some good routines.

She came eighth on floor, 9th on vault seventh on bars and a powerful fifth on beam. Overall she came seventh out of 14 gymnasts.

Head coach Alan Armitage said: “It was a lovely competition and to have such delightful youngsters try their best was wonderful.

“It was their first 4 piece competition so it was very exciting for them.

“I would like to thank our sponsors The Engineering Quest for their support of the gymnasts.”