Arabian take Tulip titles once again

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Arabian once again swept the boards as they sought about defending their National Tulips titles last Sunday.

Donned in their news kits, sponsored by Bletchley based Engineering Quest, the team of 16 travelled to Spalding in Lincolnshire with their sights set on retaining the titles they won in 2013 and 2014.

There was a total of 10 teams and the Arabian team beat the lot with Lucy Thompson taking gold on bars, beam and floor with overall individual gold as the highest scoring gymnast out of 40.

Molly Harris took silver on floor alongside Lucy, and she was the clubs highest vaulter with 7th out of 40. Molly finished 4th overall and Dagmara had a very impressive 5th place overall.

Hannah Bond the eldest and also player coach came in a respectable 15th.

The youngest team of Isabella Campbell-Marshall, Ruby Rayner, Alessia Allen and Libby Usher had a difficult task but came overall a credible 4th place.

Libby overall came 17th and Ruby 20th with Libby coming 5th on bars and 8th on Vault. Ruby came 15th on Beam and all the girls tied in 16th on floor.

The senior Level 5 team were runners-up. The girls were six whole marks off 6 whole marks ahead of the team in third place, but could not do enough to stay ahead of the eventual winners.

Anna Coaton proved to be the top gymnast in the team as expected being slightly older than her team mates. Anna came 5th overall out of 56 gymnasts, with 5th on Vault 7th on floor and 8th on Bars.

Alysha Howton was making her debut in a team and she overall came 18th, with Tayla Cattini 12th and Cara Mason 11th. Cara took 3rd place on vault and 5th on floor with Tayla and Alysha 10th on vault.

Sophie Fretwell continued her amazing medal streak - claiming medals in every single event she has entered since the summer of 2013. Sophie won silver for her bars just 0.1 away from gold. But on the day she was outshone by teammate Poppy Gibbs.

Poppy made sure her team were not going to have their title taken away from them by taking gold on vault after her coach made a last minute change to her vaults. It worked well as wonderful full twisting salto nailed the gold.

She also won gold for her superb floor routine. Poppy also took a bronze on her weakest piece bars and came 4th on beam, overall she was the highest scoring gymnast.

Tionne Cumberbatch came 2nd overall by taking silver on beam and she also took silver on floor.

Kyla Howton took 4th on bars before winning bold on the balance beam with wonderful acrobatics.

Kyla made it a clean sweep on floor with Bronze meaning the girls Poppy, Tionne and Kyla took all three podium places. Sophie took 6th place with Kyla 11th.