More jumpers into the finals

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Milton Keynes Tumblers have had an amazing start to the British Championship season, with 14 out of 19 already qualifying for the finals.

Taking on some of the top gymnasts in the country at the Ricoh Arena, Robert Missen and Ayo Adewumi will join Malakai Bojang, Jake Parry, Naana Oppon and Gabriella Miles in May at their very first National Squad training camp to be held at Lilleshall National Sports Centre.

Milton Keynes was said to be the club to beat after the youngsters who performed on the Saturday took the limelight and set the bar high for the rest coming into the event on the Sunday. Naana Oppon won the 9-10 girls category just pushing Gabriella Miles into 4th so a great performance from both these girls. Malakai Bojang dominated the 9-10 boys with a very impressive score for the win.

Not far behind him was Jake Parry who performed the same routines just didn’t have the execution judges convinced it was enough to bring Malakai off the top spot.

Jack Leahy came away with a second place in the 11-12 boys category after still making a mistake in one of his runs.

Jack will lead the way for GB later Next month as he travels to Russia to compete in The Great Cup.

Dylan Zastron, Connie Robinson, and Rhianna Mackenzie also gained their qualifying scores, as did Jenna Torrie.


9-10 Girls

Naana Oppon = 1st Place (59.120) (Q)

Gabriella Miles = 4th Place (56.840) (Q)

Charlotte Denison = 14th Place (53.100) (Q)

9 – 10 Boys

Malakai Bojang = 1st Place (63.740) (Q)

Jake Parry = 2nd Place (61.600) (Q)

Robert Missen = 7th Place (56.690) (Q)

Ayo Adewumi = 9th Place (53.690) (Q)

Bobby Candler = 15th Place (49.240)

11-12 Boys

Jack leahy = 2nd Place (60.520) (Q)

Kai Richardson = 10th Place (50.770)

11-12 Girls

Phoebe Copestake = 13th (52.220)

13-14 Girls

Connie Robinson = 11th Place (57.250) (Q)

15-16 Girls

Rhianna Mackenzie = 5th Place (57.200) (Q)

15-16 Boys

Kieran Craig = 5th Place (56.600) (Q)

James Odwell = 6th Place (56.500) (Q)

17+ Boys

Benjamin Goodall = 6th Place (60.200) (Q)

Cameron Lambert = 7th Place (56.700)

Senior Men

Dylan Zastron = 5th Place (66.600) (Q)

William Breslin = 12th Place (54.700)