Orbit host Southern Region Graded competition

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Having successfully hosted a Southern Region Graded trampoline competition last year, Orbit Trampoline Club were asked for a repeat performance this year last Sunday.

More than 400 trampolinists flocked to Bletchley for the event, with not just medals but places on the regional squad up for grabs.

Laila Carey, Laura Kelly and Loucie White jumped in the 11-12 girls Level 1 against 29 opponents. When both routines had been completed without mistake, Laura took the prize in 1st place, Laila was 7th. and Loucie 17th in her first competition. Both Laila and Laura scored well enough for Regional team selection, and in the afternoon Laura added another 1st. to her collection.

In the boys event Cody King took 5th place in his very first competition.

Still at L1 in the 7-8 and 9-10 girls Louis Funke was 22nd Samira Westerby 3rd.

At 9 to 10 Lily Mundy was also 3rd and scored for a regional trial place. In the afternoon Lily added a 7th to her name.

In the 13+ girls Lucy Chambers took 9th place out of 26 and got her score for Regional selection.

Charlie Roberts in the boys Level 5 began auspiciously. His first routine, the compulsory went so well that it seemed too good to be true, and it was. From first place, Charlie fell to last for performing eleven and not ten bounces. Capricious sport! However, in the afternoon he was much more careful and took 1st place at D grade.

Then our two Millie’s did battle again also at L5, seeing off the others in their own rivalry. This time the order was reversed, and Milly Cole took 1st place and Millie Heathcote 2nd. Another productive battle which saw them both score for a Regional position.

In the afternoon they added another medal to their toll, Millie with a 3rd and Milly with a 2nd.

At L4 Rebecca Dormer kept up her usual high standard taking 1st place while Georgia Makel made a good come-back with a 7th place.

In the afternoon’s events Rebecca was 4th. and Georgia 2nd. Both girls qualified for Regional selection.

At L3 Fraser Macpherson was 1st. and Rachel marsh 4th and they both secured selection for Regional. In the afternoon Rachel was 5th.

At this level 13+, all three of our girls made the Regional selection score, and Imogen Wells took 1st. with Lauren Muttitt 2nd. And Emma Small 7th. In the afternoon, Imogen took another 1st while Emma stole a 5th.

In L7, the highest of the competition, the standard was excellent, with high 8s and some 9s coming from the judges. Emily Young was 5th with a selection score, and Tess Walker was 10th suffering a technical infringement.

In the afternoon Emily added a 1st and Tess a 9th place.

Some of our other Orbits only competed in the afternoon events and from G to D grade they gained these places;

Summer Goldsmith U9s, 6th. U11s Sophie Lewis 10th, Borte Jones 11th. and Libbyleigh Corby 12th, Ella Preedy 2nd, Joe Cotton 1st, Lauren Sinclair 6th, Sophie Chambers 7th, Katie Balmer 11th, Joss Laurence 12th.

Finally, Helena Bloomfield was 7th, Emily RoxbeeCox 3rd, and Amy Smith 1st.