Roses smell sweet for Arabian girls

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Arabian Gymnastics were in excellent form at The International Roses sponsored by “The Engineering Quest” as it was held in Milton Keynes.

A total of 300 gymnasts competing from 13 clubs all over the country went head-to-head on the trampette, tumbling acrobatics, bars, vault and the difficult balance beam.

The event is a massive attraction to clubs with many asking for an invitation and this year the club even had a high level gymnastic judge attend to mark the routines.

Arabian had 41 gymnasts attend this event and but only three girls missed out on a medal and head coach Alan Armitage was really pleased with the results of the gymnasts in every level.

The youngest two entered were just four-years-old and the were Verity Fraser-Reynolds and Honor Crockett with two and three golds respectively.

Also Winning three golds were Mya Nurton, Poppy Gibbs, Ellie Hewitt.

Winning two golds were: Shannon McCarthy, Loucie White, Katie Lanigan, Kasey Tuck, Cara Mason, Alysha Howton, Naomi Fedoriw, Anna Coaton.

Other gold medal winning gymnasts: Lauren Crockett, Asami Gynn, Isabelle Cordery, Eve Bailey, Emilia Agafonova, Kyla Howton, Madeline James-Bowen.