Trampoline stars leap up the grades

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The trampolining team from Milton Keynes Gymnastics in Kingston were on top form as they travelled to Oxford for grading last week.

The day started with the club’s newest jumpers Chloe Sinfield, Callum Heitt and Georgia Reid in their first ever away competition. They did very well and completed their routines with somersaults on the end which gave them scores over 7 from each judge.

Brother and sister Jacob and Rebekah Taylor both won gold - Jacob passed to D grade and Rebekah to straight to E with such a high score.

Oakley Mcnulty also had a great competition and passed his grade first time with a very clean routine winning bronze. Jenna Torrie and Jarrad Miah performed their F routine for the first time which included a half twisting somersault and both passed with a silver medal.

Jessie Mace, Nicholas Breslin, Callum Petchey and Coral Derfurt narrowly missed out on passing all with scores over 45.