Lightning chief hopes fans will follow

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Lightning chairman Vito Rausa hopes the club’s fans will pull together and make the best out of their enforced exile to Coventry next season.

Lightning will need to play their English Premier League home games away from Milton Keynes next season because of the major refurbishment of the Leisure Plaza, including Planet Ice.

Rausa hopes the fans will unite and organise themselves to travel 50 miles up the M1 every weekend, with Lightning expected to play home fixtures at Planet ice in Coventry on Saturday nights.

The club’s supporters have become accustomed to the arena – the venue for the English Premier League’s end of season play-offs – but should Lightning make it there again this season, then the trip will take on an extra significance.

Lightning will have just three more home games in Milton Keynes before the refurbishment of the Leisure Plaza begins in the summer, starting with the visit of Basingstoke Bison on Sunday.

Slough Jets then visit six days later, before Rausa’s men potentially welcome the same side in the home leg of the play-off quarter finals.

Rausa said: “I think things like this can pull a group closer together. Our fans are fantastic and I’m sure they understand why this needs to happen. I’m sure they’ll follow the team in good numbers.

“I told the players about it and they understand. But they’re such a close group that they’d travel to the moon to play if they had to.

“We’ll have to try and do something special for the last game here. Hopefully we might even be back before the end of next season.”