Lightning’s homecoming is still on course

Planet Ice
Planet Ice

The refurbishment of Planet Ice is still very much on track, despite the wet weather holding up the development.

The new rink is set to open in the autumn as part of the new Leisure Plaza, alongside Morrison’s supermarket and other retail units.

During the refurbishment, Lightning have been playing in Coventry’s Skydome, but hope to move back by the start of next season.

Lightning’s Chairman, Vito Rausa, said the most recent update from the site developers was very optimistic and they were on course to finish in time.

He said: “I spoke with them last week they say that everything is on schedule despite the weather.

“They’ve had one or two complications dealing with a major revamp of an existing building - and it’d be a very exceptional project that had none - but they’ve been relatively easy to overcome, and overall the project is still on course.

“The Planet Ice organisation is a pivotal part of this whole refurbishment - they’ve been instrumental in helping the progress that’s been made this far.

“They’re also very happy with how things are going and we’re very grateful to them for their help.

“There are very visible signs of progress appearing on site all the time, and we’re hoping to be able to take a closer look with a site visit in a few weeks.

“It’s a very exciting time, not just for Lightning and our supporters but for all ice users in Milton Keynes.

“The new rink will be one of the best facilities in the country and the Lightning will be privileged to call it home from next season.”