‘Mothballing’ Lightning was never an option

Planet Ice
Planet Ice

Lightning chairman Vito Rausa said the decision not to ‘mothball’ the club for 12 months took about half a second to make.

With the planned Planet Ice refurbishment set to bring a year of away games and logistical nightmares for the city side, Rausa admitted that sitting out the next English Premier League season was an option.

But it was a choice he wasn’t prepared to contemplate for very long.

Speaking at Tuesday’s fans forum, he said: “We’ve worked so hard to build this team and we’re not about to give it up.

“It was an option for us but it’s not going to happen.

“Playing away from Milton Keynes gives us all sorts of problems that you might not have thought of, even things like where to air out the kit after games, and were we are going to train.

“But we know we are going to be playing Saturday nights and that’s very important to our fans.

“We have the best supporters in the country and we’ll make sure we have a team that can compete again.”

He also hinted the club could run coaches to takes fans from Milton Keynes to Coventry.