International success for Buchwalder

It has been another hard week at the office for Michael Buchwalder '“ as he and a mate fought their way to runners-up spot in Ireland's world pairs.

Thursday, 15th September 2016, 6:00 am
Updated Tuesday, 4th October 2016, 1:49 pm
Geofferson Longley

But it was likely worth it as the winning pair, a German duo, netted at least €10,000 in the ‘Wild Waters’ championships...which lived up to their name in howling gales and lashing rain.

Mike also made fifth individual spot in the five-day five-lake event, scooping an extra €950 with a total of 94.100 kilo – just 50 gramme short of Phil Ringer who was fourth – as he and Roddy Scott put together a combined 174.010 kilo.

Northampton’s Ringer bros finished third overall, on 168.790, and took home some €4,000.

HIS first visit to Willen South left Geofferson Longley (reported through GoneFishin) with an ear-to-ear grin as he banked a 34-6 common dubbed ‘little tail.

LAST week saw Environment Agency fisheries officers giving local rivers yet another rod licence-funded boost with the introduction of more than 3,000 young dace reared on their Calverton fish farm.

This time the fish were split between the Ouzel – where the Parks Trust has funded 10s of thousands of pounds-worth of spawning gravel and habitat improvements; the Stony Ouse near the newly restored (by the Trust, again) back-channel; and the Tove at Shutlanger, where the EA had begun restoration work earlier this year.

BETTER known for its bream, Black Horse pit produced a 20-4 common for Steve Bigg (reported through Waters Edge Tackle) on only his second visit.

TOWCESTER Vets, midweek, Bishops Bowl: John Balhatchett 82-4, Simon Cordingley 67-1, Dave Prodger 47-7.

TOWCESTER, Stockton Res: Graham Martin 50lb (four carp), Gerald Green 26-8 (three carp), Balhatchett (two carp) 21-2.

MULTI-club, Furzton: Eddie Ford 20-2, Rob Dzialak 19-8, Ray Baker 15-1. The ‘golden peg’ wasn’t won.

CALVERT v Brackley, St James’s Lake: Mick Harwood (Brack) 17-9, Jim Lewis (Cal) 14-7, Austin Maddock (Cal) 12-5. Calvert won by 49-1 to 39-1.

MK Vets, midweek, Lodge: Kevin Osborne 14-2, Maddock 11-14, Mick Hefferon 10-9.

FIXTURES: Sunday: Sep 18 Olney’s Citizen Ouse Cup Ouse – up to £1,000 (£500 guaranteed) in prizes and only 60 tickets! – 01234 240061.

Sep 24 British canal-pairs champs heat Peartree Bridge, 01159 061301 or

Oct 16, Towcester open, Castlethorpe cut, 01908 56563617 (evenings).