Lakers tame the Dragons

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MK Lakers started 2015 in style with a strong victory over Didcot Dragons.

Without a South East Regional League game, they took on Dragons, from the SMOKA league, in a friendly, not sure what to expect from their opponents.

The game started fast,but it took a while for the deadlock to be broken, and it eventually by Jeni.

Then began a bit of a flying start from Lakers scoring the next five goals in succession – all of which were short shots from Ronald, Dan, Lianne, Ron again and then Jeni.

Didcot pulled one back with a long shot landing before Pete and Alan added to the short shot tally.

Jeni added another from a running in shot and Dan, going against the mould – landed a nice long shot.

Pete then replaced himself with Derek.

Didcot added a second goal to their tally before Ronald and Jeni copied each other with two identical drop-off shots under the post.

Lakers still had time for two more short shots from Lianne and Dan before the half time whistle left Lakers 14-2 in front.

Comfortably on top, Lakers were challenged to only shoot from range in the opening 10 minutes of the half, or risk more training punishments.

Scoring continued for Lakers, with Ron, Emma, Pete and Dan continuing to score from all over the court, before the restriction was lifted.

Another frantic bit of attacking from Jeni’s end saw the ball hit the korf at least 12 times before Maddy finally landed a long shot at the end as Lakers completed the 23-6 rout over Dragons.

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