Lewington didn't think Tisdale's style would suit him

After playing for over a decade as a textbook fullback, Dean Lewington admitted he questioned whether he would fit in with Paul Tisdale's plans as a wingback.

Thursday, 12th September 2019, 10:27 pm
Dean Lewington

The Dons captain has been an almost ever-present since Tisdale took over at the start of last season, but most of those have been as a wingback - a role Lewington admits is a lot tougher to understand.

Lewington has often spoken of his dislike of playing at centre back, and said he has also questioned whether playing Tisdale's preferred formation would work for him.

He said: "You have to think a lot – you can go one way or the other in this position. At full back, you're tied to your centre back and it's a lot simpler. A lot of times, it's decision making – whether to press, or go back in as a five, or cut back inside. There are lots of things out there. Tis gives us a framework, but you have to decide it in a game.

Paul Tisdale

"Where I didn't think it would suit me, I think the decision-making side has, and with the experience I have, it has helped me in that role.

"The 3-5-2 is a very complicated system, there are lots of things that can go wrong and there are grey areas. Sometimes it all clicks and makes sense, but when you're a little bit out of kilter, it can cause problems. We stripped it back to the simplest form, and then we just add on little bolts. We did it twice last year during the season, so we're used to doing that."

Having seen Callum Brittain and George Williams on the scoresheet this season also playing at wingback, Lewington, who scored just once last season, wants to pitch in with a few more goals himself.

He said: "I hope so – Callum sneaking in with his little 30 yarder! It's something I would like to add to my game, especially with how we're going to play with wingbacks."