Linton wants another title

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The sky is the limit for Linton Vassell as he sets his sights on winning MMA titles all over the world, starting with America.

The Broughton man has been competing in mixed martial arts for seven years, and after a successful career in the UK, has been signed up to fight in the Bellator MMA series in the States.

But after turning down his first opportunity to get in the cage, Linton’s career has been on the up ever since his first semi-pro outing.

“To be honest, I never thought I’d get this far,” he said. “I fought with UCMMA, one of the biggest shows in the UK, and my dream was to become the champion there. And then I did.

“Everything I wanted was coming true. Then I was invited to join Bellator.”

There, he fought in front of around 5,000 people as he won his first fight by unanimous decision, beating Matt Jones.

But despite his numerous title belts, admits he’s still getting used to signing autographs.

“It’s surreal,” he said “They come up to me and say ‘you’re Linton Vassell!’ and ask for my autograph. I wonder how they know who I am!

“When I went to America, three guys came up to me and asked for my autograph! I never thought I’d be doing that.”

Linton, who trains at Immortal MMA in Bradwell Abbey, believes he can not only thrive in America, but also take the Bellator title.

“I see myself as Bellator champion, and defending that. The sky is the limit.”