Local lads have luck of the Irish

City lads Pete Patton and Michael Buchwalder have been having a ball on Lough Muckno '“ the latter clocking his first Irish festival win AND coming back 1,800 euro ahead!

Thursday, 14th April 2016, 6:00 am
Pete Patton

Pete – top on day-two of the four-day marathon with 250 roach for 7.31 kilo (16lb) – was fifth overall with 20 kilo while Michael had four section wins to top the series with 24.15 kilo.

That put him almost 1.5kilo clear of local expert and favourite Cathol Hughes, who’d won the previous four fests in a row!

The weather deteriorated day by day, and on the last leg Buchwalder had to switch to feeder tactics. He said: “It is like fishing Furzton but, at 1,000 acres, a lot, lot bigger. When the wind gets up there are two-foot waves over the platforms.”

Having helped stock several hundred small chub into Pulman’s lake recently, clubman Terry Ebsworth was amazed to catch a superb five-pounder from the stillwater last week. It is likely a survivor from another stocking several years back.

A wise-guy got verbal with MKAA bailiffs on Bradwell Lake when challenged for his ticket, Sunday...then jumped into his car and tried to roar off across the grass.

He hadn’t gone far before the vehicle sank up to its axles, with its wheels spinning uselessly. Bet the recovery fee cost a whole lot more than a dayticket. Oh WHAT a shame...

Sunday’s MKAA spring league (13 teams of four) opener around Bletchley boatyard and the ‘rat fields’ canal saw Preston Innovations Black five points clear of GoneFishin Red and Maver MK Green.

Maver MK Black’s John Kent had 8-3 of skimmers ahead of ‘Fishin Blue’s Steve Wright on 6lb and Innovations Black’s Steve Dyzialak 6-2. Next round April 24.

Towcester made a Super Cup first round exit against Knighton on Peatling Pools, despite their Gerald Green making second on 67lb.

MK Vets, Tear Drops: Bob Gale 27-5, Dave Cantrell 11-14, Ernie Sattler 11-6.

Linford, club canal: John Hough 6lb, Roy Hefferon 3-12, Richard Massey 3lb.

Osprey’s Tony McGregor 71lb and Pete Carter 69lb finished second and third in a Decoy Lakes open

Fixtures: May 1 John Harvey Memorial open Black Horse Pit, 07748 505024 evenings only.