Lodge has roach-sport on tap following '˜biblical' flood

If you want stillwater roach...get down to Lodge Lake while its redfins are still in feeding mode.

Wednesday, 19th July 2017, 4:25 pm
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 12:47 pm
Rob Harriman

Following Sunday's massive broken main tapwater flush bailiffs have seen anglers bagging up!

Yet hours earlier the species had appeared largely conspicuous by its absence in a summer league match...

The unexpected flood – of Hollywood biblical blockbuster proportions – turned redways into waterpark-style flumes and, according to eyewitnesses, raised the 10 acre lake's level by up to four inches.

Ben Hewer

Large parts of the city were without water, or on reduced pressure, as the busted 450mm pipe – a main artery of MK's water supply – really let rip.

Anglian Water believe it was probably fractured by ground movement during the drought (which has, after all, been going on pretty much since February).

Environment Agency specialists say it is unlikely to have harmed fish stocks, and that as the equivalent of a partial water change could perk things up a bit.

But...they urge anglers to keep watch and IMMEDIATELY report any adverse signs on 0800 807060.

Ben Hewer

HOLIDAYING in France city lad Rob Harriman netted a 17-8 PB cat and a 43lb common – the latter beating his previous best by 35lb and which he's 'dedicated' to his dad who got him into fishing some 40 years back.

ON Furzton Aaron Cahill and Martin Titley shared 22 doubles to 19lb while Tony Snelson had a 23-3 from Newport's Big Pit, and Ben Hewer netted a 6-11 PB tench from Bradwell. MK Piker netted 8lb of perch from the cut in two hours, an un-named man is said to have had two 100lb+ bream catches from Black Horse, and Phil Mapp landed a 6lb+ chub from the Ouse – despite a massive pike attacking it and smashing his rod.

MK Summer League second round, Lodge and Tear Drops: Rolly MacEneany (Tackle Hub Platinum) 44-5, Dave Martin (MK Maver Green 38-11), Steve Cable (Black Horse Red) 18-12. All three were on the 'Drops. Maver Green won on the day but 'Horse Black lead the league, ahead of Maver, with 'Horse Red third.

KINGFISHER, Alders: Neil Richardson 135-13, Andy Holdaway 125lb, Lee Richardson 122-2.

CALVERT, Claydon Lake: Dave Lewis 13-4, Dave Ridgeway 10-9, Bruce Harvey 9-9.

DATS evening series penultimate leg, Stony Main (Ouse): Lee 'Birthday Boy' Jones 11-15, Nigel Steel 6-2, John Hewison 3-14.

LINFORD, Bolbeck Park cut: Sean Wilson 7-12, Ron Dorrill 6-10, John Hough 6-8.

OLNEY Fiesta Ouse open: Pete Hawley 5-15, Steve Drakulik 4-2, Lames Drakulik 3-12.